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Ayyo Yung Gotti – Turkey Butt

Ayyo Yung Gotti - Turkey Butt

Ayyo Yung Gotti
(Out 10th December 2020)

About Ayyo Yung Gotti

Hailing from Houston, Texas, Ayyo Yung Gotti is an exceptionally talented rapper with a penchant for producing intense, expressive music with unsurpassed depth and powerful delivery. Born Nelson Gabriel Alvarez in Puerto Rico, Gotti showcased strong love for rap since he was 13 years old. At that age, he enjoyed engaging in rap battles, which he was amazingly good at, but little did he know that he was channeling his path for the future.

At the age of 14, life threw Gotti a curveball, and he found himself living out on the streets on his own. Through the dangers, uncertainties, and frustrations of his rough childhood, he found solace and sanity in music, and always nurtured a fiery dream to sail through and venture into a music career someday. Upon moving to Florida, he adapted his stage name, Gotti, which means, “God Only Talks Through Intelligence.”

Gotti writes stunningly breathtaking lyrics, which he laces with genius wordplay and delivers in a powerful punch that gives his music the distinctive touch of pomp and life. Drawing inspiration from the renowned late Rapper Big Pun, Gotti’s music stands out with deep freestyle flows and riveting melodic hooks.

His current release, Turkey Butt, was conceptualized when he heard the track from Aaron Peil, JamMar Mogul’s “Rising Star” producer. Once Aaron approached him with the idea of “Turkey Butt”, he took it up and once again unfolded his musical genius. Besides his electrifying music, Gotti is a powerful motivation that one should never give up on their dream despite the challenges they encounter. Listening to his music, one can never be wrong to say that he is headed for the stars.

Media Contact
JamMar Moguls LLC
Jamaica Johnson
Email: jammarmoguls@gmail.com
Phone: (305) 697-8672
Website: www.jammarmoguls.com

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