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D.J. Mirko B. feat. Josh Paulino – Just For This Night

D.J. Mirko B. feat. Josh Paulino - Just For This Night

D.J. Mirko B. feat. Josh Paulino
Just For This Night

Music Bio

Electronic music enthusiasts and partygoers alike have reason to rejoice as the talented DJ Mirko B. joins forces with the charismatic Josh Paulino to deliver an electrifying collaboration titled “Just For This Night.” This dynamic duo takes us on a captivating sonic journey, immersing listeners in a realm where the beats are infectious and the energy is palpable.

From the very first note, “Just For This Night” transports us to a world where the rhythm reigns supreme. The opening electronic beats set the stage, pulsating with an irresistible energy that beckons us to surrender ourselves to the music. The whispered voiceover adds an air of mystery, building anticipation for the electrifying experience that lies ahead.

As the track progresses, an upbeat synthesizer melody takes center stage, infusing the composition with an infectious groove. The chorus emerges, inviting us to let go of all inhibitions and immerse ourselves fully in the music. The neon lights of the dance floor become our sanctuary, where we find solace and freedom in the collective euphoria.

The collaboration between DJ Mirko B. and Josh Paulino is a perfect fusion of their unique talents. DJ Mirko B., a master of his craft, skillfully curates a sonic landscape that blends seamlessly with Josh Paulino’s captivating vocals. Together, they create an otherworldly experience, where the boundary between artist and listener blurs into an immersive symbiosis.

The track features an expertly crafted build-up, accompanied by a deep bass reverberation that resonates within our souls. The energy intensifies, paving the way for a powerful drop that propels the song to new heights. In this moment, the crowd moves as one, their bodies entranced by the irresistible beats, losing themselves in the collective ecstasy of the dance floor.

D.j. Mirko B. Bio

Mirko Boroni, D.j. Mirko B. (Brescia, 26 April 1977) is an Italian disc jockey and record producer. He began his career in 1997 as a participating producer in the “Bass Driver” project with the progressive song “Acid hallucination”, together with the producers Pietro Berti, now better known as “Outwork” (“Elektro”) and Graziano Fanelli, byevento Musica Srl, with the executive production by Raffaele Checchia. Over the years he released several singles of the purely Dance genre, one of the most sought-after vinyls of the 90s remains his “I love you” released under the name of (M.B. feat. Stefy). In 2010 he released his first single “Shake” (feat. Alex) with the Smilax Publishing label.

Singles such as “Starlight” (with Elena Capatina), “The end” (feat. Daniel Guahyba), “Let me in” (feat. Greta) and “Anymore” (feat. Ewaa) will follow. “Fireworks” with Stem Brothers.

Collaborate for the productions of Sound 2kill4 Records, “Everybody jump!” with Albertdave & Tommyizer, where in 2015 he released the song “Higher” on Yellow Rhinestone Records with singer and dancer Anton Ewald Anton Ewald, (“Begging”, “Natural”) finalist of Melodifestivalen Melodifestivalen.

He collaborates with Sound Management Corporation, UrbanLife and above all Executiva Music, thanks to which many remixes and songs like “A Love Eternal”, “It’s Beatiful” (feat. Bubble Boy), “Vosalo Pappa”, “No pierdas tiempo” (feat. G Saint).

With Executiva Music / Nexima he still publishes dance songs of all kinds.


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Immagine mappata

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